Often referred to as “the princess of psychedelic punk”, Knoott easily mixes retro, jazz, blues and punk, often moving on to overtone and scream vocal techniques, accompanied by a live band or a DJ. 

Knoott’s singing and performing career started over 20 years ago when she was expelled from a ballet school for using blasphemous and obscene language during classes. In the same time she was told that her voice was hopelessly horrible and all this gave her unwavering confidence and passionate wish to proceed with performing art.

Extravagant manner and extreme attitude, excessive dramatiс effect and flourishing sexuality together with a unique manner of singing make each performance of Knoott an exciting and awaited event.

(most photos by Anjuna Allstars)

Rehearsing with Jeffrey Kile on guitar

(photos by Anwar Lilac)