Psychedelic Vaudeville by Knoott is a theatrical divertissement, a drama play episode, usually based on a classic text – prose or poetry. It merges various performing genres – drama, pantomime, vocal, cabaret, clownery, stand-up comedy or contemporary dance.

The Vaudeville will expand your perception of psychedelic art. Every show has a theme and is always unique as it contains a lot of improvisation and interactive with the audience.

The languages used are mainly English and Russian, but a special program in a foreign language may be prepared exclusively for your event!

Charles Baudelaire Vaudeville & Anarchy Ballerina Freakshow @ Katzensuppe for Halloween 2016, Goa

photos by Sadaf Javan & David Desouza

La Folle De Chaillot (The Madwoman of Chaillot) Vaudeville in Moscow @ CAT, 2016

(photos by Aerodance Corp.)

La Folle De Chaillot @ Chill Out Planet, Moscow 2016

(Video by Sami Mannerheimo)

Freakshow @ Art Lover Ground, Barcelona 2016

(photos by ALG)

Freakshow @ Shanti (Goa), January 2014

(Video by Antoine Hameur)

To watch photo galleries of the Freakshows from Goa years 2014 and 2015 just click on the pictures below

(Photos by Ifusha Kalina, Suraj Mohandas & David Desouza)