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Samaya Gorgona is a psychedelic punk fetish fashion protagonist


"Samaya Gorgona" is a brand of psychedelic punk fetish couture clothing run by Knoott. Knoott is an actress, fashion artist, filmmaker and model, born in the USSR and re-born in Goa. Extremism, theatricality  and originality are the weapons of her cultural rebellion.

Samaya Gorgona provides exclusive extravagant outfits. Each item is unique and hand crafted. Eloquent collections merge the most glaring styles: avant-garde, psychedelic, kitsch, burlesque, glam, punk, cyberpunk, disco, retro and others in most audacious combinations which makes it recognizable and unique.

Knoott is a co-founder of MotorGang Films&Theatre, where she works as an actress and filmmaker. Together with her husband NikkolЯ!, she creates psychedelic punk films and live theatrical performances.

Knoott aims to merge two opposites – punk and hippie psychedelic in fashion and culture.