The performing style of Knoott inherited from Stanislavsky (classic school of Russian Theatre), as well containing elements of pantomime and clownery and the eroticism of cabaret-burlesque.

A performance by Knoott varies from a live music gig to a drama/comedy play episode, a theatrical divertissement usually based on a classic text (one-man theatre).

Languages spoken during performances: English, Russian. For non-English speaking audience it is possible to prepare a special program in a foreign language.



reaches all the way from your pants to your hearts
Erotic Buffoonery is a unique exegesis of what we know as burlesque and cabaret with an amusing comic approach. It can be presented as a pantomime-burlesque show or become a part of a vocal performance or a drama


the princess of psychedelic punk is known for her extravagant manner and extreme attitude, excessive dramatiс effect and flourishing sexuality


one-man show