Costume "Dicknail"
Dress "La Folle de Chaillot"
Dress "Ramones"
Dress + clutch bag "Matrёshka-Balalayka"
Dress "Marilyn Monroe"
Costume "Kashtanka"
Blouse + Hat + Trousers "The Face Of Psychedelic Punk"
Costume "Psychedelic Punk Circus"
Dress "Psyche"
Jeans "The Velvet Underground"

Psy-Punk is a subcultural phenomenon that is a result of interflow of punk and psychedelic.

Psy-punk inherited the rebel spirit and aesthetic of punk, adopting the mystic experience of expanded perception of reality.

Historically, the age of psychedelic revolution – hippie 60-es – in its original, authentic form showed an extreme degree of naivety and carelessness, though it has changed the civilized world forever.

With punk it’s the same: it emerged as a protest against the values of conservatism, consumerism and pacifism. Punk destroyed itself, same as hippie psychedelic, but also changed the world forever.

So today both punk and psychedelic in its clear original form seem boring to me – you can’t surprise anyone with it anymore, apart from “third world” countries which have never seen these trends.

Psychedelic punk just as its parents – punk and psy, can be represented in music, fashion, literature etc.

Samaya Gorgona is the first clothing brand of psychedelic punk fashion.

The distinctive features of psychedelic punk in fashion are:

  • Handwork

  • Recycling, using second hand clothes and fabrics. Remaking, alteration

  • Richness of a garment, being full of details

  • Markedly crooked stitches, not following the rules of sewing and fashion/styling deliberately

  • Non-attachment to seasonal collections. Instead, collections are permanent but go with the time

  • Theatricality of the look and image, costumes have concept

  • Brightness of visual appeal, “extraverted” look